August 28, 2010

Radio Silence Explained [About Me]

It has been months since I last posted. I have been neglecting my blog horribly, as well as my website, but I am back. I have been finishing my dissertation and have gone through a series of major life changes since I last published anything here. In short, here's what's been up:

--I have finished my research and have moved away from Buenos Aires. I will miss my friends in BA, but I am really happy and excited for what's to come.

--I am nearing the end with my dissertation (knock on wood, please!). The thing is in some semblance of draft form. From here on out my biggest hurdle is myself.

and the BIGGEST changes since I last wrote?

--Simon's now and uncle for the first time and I'll be an aunty soon because...

--Simon and I got ENGAGED!!! Here are the photos from our announcement: