March 29, 2013

A Special Brew: Inspiration for My Beer Hops Wedding Invitations

For some, creativity comes from within. Not for me, though. I wish I could claim some form of natural genius, but I really cannot. The inspiration for all of my creative endeavours is almost always inspired by dear friends, beautiful things I happen to come upon, and the amazing places where I have been so fortunate to live.

The inspiration for my Beer Hops Wedding Invitations came from two important sources: first, my hometown, Portland, Oregon; and second, my dear friends, Courtney and Dan. Both sources were in equal measure when I was dreaming up these little beauties.

Portland is a wonderfully weird city, the best place on earth in my humble opinion. To me, it is the perfect balance of new and old, of natural and industrial, and of rush and rest. My favorite things about Portland have always been the wonderful camaraderie of its inhabitants, its commitment to keeping it green, its affinity for the patina of time, its excellent locally sourced food, and of course, its world-famous craft breweries!

When they got married in September of 2010, I think Courtney and Dan styled their wedding in a perfectly Portland way. This wedding touched on everything I love most about Portland, and even more importantly, everything I know and love about them as a couple. I've known Courtney and Dan since our days back at the University of Oregon. Though my intercontinental movements have prevented me from staying in touch with them as much as I'd otherwise like to, I have kept tabs on them through Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook. When I saw their wedding snaps, I was so truly overjoyed for them, and was further inspired by their use of beer hops as decoration at their wedding. So beautiful.

Here are a few snaps from their fantastically beautiful wedding. Thanks Courtney and Dan for your permission to share a few of these with my clients and readers. I hope they're as inspired by your gorgeous wedding as I was!

The success in Courtney's styling was the details

I love this photo because this is how she has always looked at Dan.

The beer hops garland was a brilliant idea!
The setting was incredible!

Beautiful details, a splash of colour,
and a gorgeous Portland late summer day.

Simply stunning. The whole day was just so perfectly done.

Portland at night, sigh, what a great place,
what a great wedding!

Whisked away by pedi-cab.
I love the touches they put on this day.

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