December 13, 2010

Adorable Custom Wedding Maps for Save the Date Cards [My Crafts]

I just finished a really special order that I wanted to share.

This request came in a few days ago for custom wedding map postcards. These cards would serve as save the date cards for a couple that works for the US Navy. This couple has been having to cope with not only stressful work conditions (to say the least), but being apart much of the time. Since they have been stationed all over the world over the course of past years, they wanted to use their custom map to show their guests all the places the two had been.

The end product was really special. These clients were really amazing to work with, but more importantly, I am really proud to do a good job for them. I wish them nothing but the best in the future and send them my most hearty of congratulations on their engagements and upcoming wedding. Wow! What a great couple.

Here's how their maps turned out (I've changed the names and dates to protect my client).

by Kristin Dean

The bride said she got choked up reading this.
I quite like the wording I chose, too. 

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