December 6, 2010

DIY Kit: Save the Dates with Magnet Pockets [My Crafts]

My DIY Kit: Save the Date Cards with Magnet Pockets

Save the Date Cards from Love's Leftovers by Kristin Dean
The Finished Product

It took me a while, I know. My apologies. That darned dissertation got in the way. Well, actually I haven't finished my revisions entirely, so I suppose I really should be working on that still, but I don't want to. Working on these invitations is so much more fun! So there.

The news today is that I have come up with a cheaper option for my save the date cards: a DIY Kit. How does it work? Well, since some of the most important parts of the invitation come from the UK and are no where to be found here in the US, I decided it would be best if I prepared the components of the invitation for you, but left the assembly for you. This will save you (and me) the cost of having me assemble the cards for you. How much will you save? For 100 invitations, you'll save $100 USD by ordering the DIY kit instead of the fully assembled cards. That's some serious savings!

Here's what I'll include in the DIY Kit:
-Instructions for assembly
-Magnets, designed by me, approved by you
-100 craft paper pockets
-Pre-cut stripes for each pocket
-100 Luggage Tags
-100 Save the Date Cards, customized to your liking, printed here in my shop and ready to go
-102 Craft paper envelopes

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