December 8, 2010

Wedding Maps to Fall in Love With [My Crafts]

Wedding Maps from Love's Leftovers by Kristin Dean

So we're having a destination wedding. Simon's mother is from Italy and we are going to have the wedding in his mom's hometown. 

Pro: My guests will get to see a part of Italy otherwise less explored by tourists and travelers. 
Con: Nobody will know anything about this place and there is virtually no information about this place in English. 

Conclusion: We need to include pretty detailed maps in our wedding invitation suite to make our guests feel more comfortable. 

These maps are my solution. This is the post card version, which I'm not sure whether I'll be including in the wedding invitation or perhaps in the welcome bags. Either way, my guests will see them. The front side has the map of Italy to illustrate where our wedding will be in relation to other major cities. The back has a detailed map of the city, indicating where we will be having our ceremony and reception, as well as other important landmarks, such as recommended hotels and restaurants. 

Wedding Map Postcard Back
I loved the other wedding maps published on etsy, but they really are just to girly for us. Simon and I are a team and as much as I might like ribbons and big loopy writing, he hates it. So I set out to design something that would be appropriate representation of us as a couple, much as I did with our save the date cards. Part vintage, part homemade, part modern minimalist. I love them and hope others will too. 

Stay tuned!!!!! I'll be releasing a fold out version of my maps soon too. These post cards are super cute, but my fold out maps are something totally different from what's out there and are really really special. I'm working on them now and am hoping to get them out soon.

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