December 27, 2010

Beer Hops Business Cards [My Crafts]

A few weeks back a client asked me to create business cards in the style of my beer hops wedding invitations. Since our engagement in July my attention has been dedicated primarily to wedding details. The notion of using the same graphics to create other stationary hadn't yet dawned on me, but what a great idea it was.

The client wanted a one-sided simple card, but I've added the botanical drawing to the back recently and love the vintage feel of this cool business card. Here are a few images.

Beer Hops Business Cards Front

Brewer's Hops Business Cards Front

Humulus Lupulus "Brewer's Hops" 

Brewer's Hops Business Card Back

Brewer's Hops Business Cards

I'm uploading this item to my Etsy shop today, so stay tuned. Any one interested in creative rethinking of my existing designs, please do be in touch. I'm happy to collaborate on custom orders!

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