December 14, 2010

Our Beer Hops Wedding Invitations, FINALLY! [My Crafts]

It's true. We're not holding our wedding until June 2012. With more than a year and a half to plan, there really is no hurry for me to get these designed and printed. I wanted to work on these now, however, because really there is no better time than the present. I only have a few more revisions to put into my dissertation (almost done, pfew!), and I don't currently have a job. Since I only have three more weeks here in the US and since I cannot work in England until after our civil ceremony on January 29, I am relying on etsy to not only provide me with a little bit of money, but also to me busy and sane.

So here they are. Our lovely beer hops wedding invitations.

It'll all be tied together with a sweet little bow

Humulus lupulus, "brewers' hops"
This old botanical drawing was the inspiration
for our invitation suite. 
A detail from the botanical drawing became the motif
of our invitation, reception card and everything else. 
Here's the full set with the exterior of the envelope.
I know it's a small touch, but I really like these mailing labels.
(I really ought to take new photos, these aren't doing it justice)

I'm so relieved to have these done, actually. Now that I have these, more ideas are brewing for my etsy store. Here are a few things that I'm working on next:

-More beer hops wedding stationery pieces, including place cards, thank you notes, table numbers, and wedding programs.

-Other vintage botanical drawing invitation suites. Right now I'm in love with the following plants and will try and do suites for them all: persimmon (aka sharon fruit), pomegranate and sweet pea (my dad's nickname for me).

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  1. How much would you charge to make something similar for me?